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This blog discusses my overall love affair with cooking and food.

Hi, everyone.  It’s me, Sian, with my latest blog post which will be about cooking!  As I said in my very first post, I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat.  I definitely identify as a foodie, and I enjoy trying and eating new types of cuisine.  I’m lucky enough to live in a place that has plenty of different kinds of restaurants, so I can continue testing my palate with unique dishes.

I don’t know if I have a favorite type of food or dish that I love over all the others.  I do have preferences.  My first love will always be Creole and Cajun style because that’s what I was reared on.  I love bold, spicy flavors and seafood.  For me, it’s comfort food at its finest.  I also enjoy Japanese cuisine as well.  I’m a sucker for seafood, so naturally sushi and I get along quite well.  I’m even developing a taste for sashimi as well.  What I like about Japanese food is the flavors are super clean and crisp but also delicate.  It’s like each dish really highlights each of the ingredients used.  I dig it.

There are tons of other cuisines that I enjoy.  I like Mexican as well because tacos and who doesn’t like tacos?  Not Taco Bell and any other Americanized version of Mexican food either.  I’m talking about the type of Mexican food where they set the stoneware plate in front of you and tell you not to touch it because it’s really hot.  This is the type of food that has everything on the plate, the meat, rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream right there.  Before you ask, yes I have mixed it all together and ate it.  More than once too, and I’m proud of that fact.

Americana cuisine is okay, but the reason I enjoy it is because of its versatility.  French is tasty as well.  I really like all of the different sauces, and French desserts are the best.  I’ve even had Ethiopian food, and it’s rapidly becoming one of my favorites.  You don’t use forks, they have this bread called injera, and the food is on top of the injera.  You have to tear the injera off and use it to scoop up your food.  It’s quite the experience and also very tasty.

Of course, I don’t eat out all the time.  I cook quite a bit as well.  My cooking is nowhere near as adventurous as what I like to eat.  I’m a decent cook, readers.  I can follow any instructions to make a tasty meal.  One thing I can’t do is curate recipes.  I simply don’t have the time or will to constantly try to create a dish using my imagination until I get it perfect.  I’d much rather just cook what I know or follow a recipe instead of going into the kitchen and say “What can I try to make?”

With that being said, if you give me a recipe, I will follow it to a tee and cook the most delectable foods.  I really enjoy using those delivery services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and so on.  They give you everything you need to make a delicious dish, except for a few things that they expect you to have, like salt and pepper.  I’ve made many a plate using those services, and I liked most of the meals that I’ve made.  The only thing that I wasn’t keen on is that these companies give you the exact amount that you need to make these meals.  That means no leftovers, which is sad because I love leftovers.  It’s super convenient to have lunch from a dinner you made the previous night.  The pros far outweigh the cons, and I’ll continue using these services.  I’ll even show you, readers, some of the things I cook from these meal boxes.

I don’t want y’all to think that I only make savory dishes.  I love making desserts from scratch too!  I love having a nice, light dessert to finish off a satisfying meal.  The irony of that statement is that most of the desserts that I make are really heavy.  I make fantastic cheesecakes.  I also made a chocolate silk pie for the first time as well.  Pretty soon I’m going to attempt a chocolate roll cake as well as some ginger snap cookies.  I’ll be more than happy to share these confectionary delights with y’all as well.

As you may have inferred from this post, I take cooking very seriously.  I have to because food is an important part of my life.  It is literally the fuel that our bodies need to work properly.  If you aren’t giving your body the right kinds of fuel, it can’t work optimally.  This is why I’ve taken control of what I eat.  In my next blog post, I’ll talk about how my love for cooking and eating has helped me in getting healthier as well.

Before I wrap up this post, I want to know, my dear readers, do you like cooking?  What are some of your favorite cuisines to cook and to eat?  Tell me about a food that you can’t get enough of.  I can’t wait to see your responses.  Until next post!

One thought on “The Food and Cooking Blog

  1. I have a love affair with cooking too. I can’t wait to explore more of your blog. I want to learn more about creole and cajun styles of cooking. I hope you check out my very successful food and lifestyle blog surrey very soon. Best wishes. Emma xx


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